“Thank you all for coming,

I’m general Harking, some of you have received letters directly from me,

and some from my ambassadors or affiliates in you home states."

“The situation is dire. We have long feared the Centaurs would become more aggressive, but our intelligence now indicates it is in fact the Gnomes of the Symmetra Isles we must fear now. Those crafty little engineers are reaching operational completion of a forge in the center isle to begin fabricating themselves unimaginable weapons. The thiry-four of you will accompany me South to infiltrate this factory and gain knowledge about it, and ultimately destroy it. We leave in one week. I don’t know if any of us will come back, but what the Gnomes are building could allow them to take over the entire world. Anyone who does make it back will be paid very handsomely, and anyone who doesn’t will have a sizeable, err… severance package, sent to their family or compatriots. Try to rest well this week. I fear we may not know the comfort of safe walls for a long time to come. Or, perhaps, ever again.”

Symmetra ingame map


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